Hibiscus Hemp Deep Conditioner

Hibiscus Hemp Deep Conditioner


This ultra-nourishing and revitalizing conditioner is formulated with all natural hair restoring, conditioning + repairing Ayurvedic herbs, hemp and hibiscus, and avocado along with hair-strengthening + healthy scalp promoting plant botanicals and extracts that leave your hair soft, flowy, and healthy as ever.

The organic ingredients supply nourishment and restore hair health, making it an intense conditioning treatment for the hair and scalp while promoting healing to damaged follicles.

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How To Use

After cleansing, distribute evenly throughout the hair. Cover hair with a plastic cap and leave on as desired. Rinse well.

About The Ingredients

Hemp - stimulates hair growth, fights breakage, improves scalp health, restores moisture and nourishes the hair from root to tip.

Hibiscus - decreases hair shedding, seals in moisture, strengthens from root to tip, creates volume, and increases shine.

Avocado - a rich source of proteins + vitamins that rejuvenate the hair, moisturize the hair and scalp, prevent hair breakage/loss, strengthen, protect and promote long healthy hair growth.

Baobab - nutrient rich oil that moisturizes dry hair and scalp, readily absorbed deep into the hair follicle, induces hair growth (especially in the case of baldness), treats dandruff and itchy scalp, intensive hair repair, protects hair from harmful UV rays, makes hair glossier with an excellent shine, increases hair elasticity.

Chamomile - soothes the scalp, stimulates hair growth, treats dry hair + split ends.

Coconut - treats dry scalp, protects the hair from harmful uv rays, prevents hair damage, keeps hair smooth + tangle free, promotes hair growth, seals in moisture, and naturally conditions.