Rose Glow Beautifying Clay Facial Mask

Rose Glow Beautifying Clay Facial Mask


This clay mask promotes a glowing, smooth and beautiful complexion. It is made with clays and ayurvedic herbal hibiscus and rose plant powders that are naturally toning, nourishing, healing, anti-oxidant rich and skin clearing.

It is said that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra always had her palace filled with rose petals because of the aromatic and beautifying benefits this ayurvedic miracle flower possesses.

Treat, and pamper yourself like royalty. We come from Kings and Queens.

This mask contains Kaolin Clay. Kaolin Clay has amazing absorbing, detoxifying and exfoliating properties while remaining extremely gentle on the skin. It also helps the skin retain moisture and prevents future blemishes.

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How To Use

Directions: Mix 1 tsp (or amount of your choice) of the clay with 1 tbsp of your choice of aloe vera gel, water, rosewater or honey. Apply a thin layer of the mask onto cleansed, dry skin and let sit up to 10 minutes. Rinse thorougly with warm water.


Kaolin Clay, Hibiscus Powder, Rose (Rose Petal) Powder, Pelargonium (Geranium) Essential Oil